Monday, 25 June 2007

Leaving Party

Well, it could be said a good time was had by all! I certainly hope so, it went on for long enough and there was so much consumed. Mrs Doubtfire made a very good impression and I'm glad to say I retain my reputation for coming up with a damned good costume. My apologies to those who will never see their grannies in the same light again. Didn't they bounce so well when I danced?

Our appreciation to all who attended and the effort they all put in. Marilyn was on form and all our friends definately showed clearly what Hollywoood should be all about. Johnny Depp was such a nice guy, even if he did appear to be a bit effeminine. And I don't know what was going on between him and Velma, it all looked a bit dodgey from where I was; but oh, so sweet!

There was an abundance of Cleopatras and definatley not enough milk to go around. Despite the fear and loathing and there being more Kong than dong it went very well. A very well celebrated end of an era, thank you all and good luck.

There is now only two days left and so much still to sort out. Was it really wise to put my house on the market just before leaving? Who cares, I won't be here!

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