Thursday, 23 August 2007

Monroe, Washington

It feels so good to have the company of good friends again, and I don't mean that as any reflection on any of the great people who offered their friendship and generosity while doing the first stage of my journey. Reaching here has completed that stage really; just an hour's ride and I'll be on the ferry to Vancouver Island, and out the USA. So I'm truly grateful to all those who helped by participating in making this journey move on, into a more positive stage. I feel privileged to have so much support and understanding from the hoards of great people from home as well. Hey, I even get mobile careers advice; which I'm grateful for(certainly not angry) and won't even let on I know by who.

The ride up the west coast started with Cai, but quickly turned into my worst nightmare. It has ended feeling able to undetake this journey alone, in a stronger frame of mind than I would have thought possible. I still hurt real bad at times, but more memories are coming through of the great life and great times we had together.

Although we haven't seen each other or had much contact for the last fifteen years it's still a fond re-union with Nick and Emmah. Now, if I'd been asked to guess what dogs they might have I'd have said Greyhounds! Surprise, surprise; they've got three of them. Ripley, a large and dead quiet male, Mishka a complete slut of a female and last but not least Bonkers, who is! Unfortunately Bonkers was really severely abused as a racing greyhound and is a really scared dog, it takes a lot for her to even appear if there are strangers around. I've felt really privileged for her to have come out and lay around the front room and the garden with only me around. I'm determined to get her to allow me to stroke her before I leave for Canada.

Really dig their home, two geodesic domes joined. Pretty neat eh? The other side overlooks most of their 5 acres and has a lot of gorgeous features; like the triangular windows forming 2/3 of a hexagram. Unfortunately I couldn't get a decent picture of it. My first thought was what a nice hobbit hole it made. So it looks like geodesics are making headway both sides of the Atlantic! I must say this wee spot of Washington is a very nice one indeed. Forests, lakes, windy roads and tranquil homesteads with typical American style corrals and horses. It sounds so archetypical of rural life here, and it sure is!
There isn't much I've seen that spoils the picture really; of course that doesn't include the tacky main drag in town which is full of Taco-bell, McDonalds and other crap food outlets. And still the supermarkets are so full of good quality,loose fruit and veg I can't see why people want to eat pre-prepared shite so much. But who are these people? I've not run into that many, but I've also not eaten with that many people. One group were definately eating large amounts of meat for every meal, and there wasn't any sign of healthy veg with it.

A ride needed to be undertaken yesterday, to save me from just hanging round and reading all day. Perish the thought of being lazy, maybe I should actually allow myself a day of shear laziness. Trouble is I want to kick back on a beach, full exposure to the sun; unlike my steaks, I like me well done thank you. Anyway, before I got distracted, I went for a local ride. Having looked at the map it was straight forward enough, I could ride some fairly minor roads and include a trail for a shortish day out. Well it would have been if my map had the number of roads I came across. Its 50:50 when you come to a T junction, every time I chose wrong and rode for hours without finding where I was or the road to take me where I wanted to be. The solution is simple, just bloody ride and bugger it. The roads were nice condition anyway, the views were fine and I only saw some of them twice; as I discovered after an hour or so of being completely lost. But hey lost or not, I'm still here!

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