Monday, 24 September 2007

It'snow joke!

The weather has failed to detract from the amazingly beautiful scenery I've been constantly passing through. Not one place can be given precedence over any others, they're all magnificent. Each mile, each hour, each day, each state has been unique and I feel so privileged to have been able to do this. My mind has been blown away at every instant, its such a shame others can't experience these things, in this manner. The tremendous feelings could never be communicated fully, I can only give the most minute aspect of what its like. But again, I feel honoured that everyone has joined in and made it worth while for me to do. This first photo is on the road from Rock Springs to Vernal, a gorgeous ride over high plains, it actually let up raining fro nearly an hour, so I could get the camera out.

What was that about getting down south before the snow fell? Oh well, it was a good plan! Even though I'd seen it coming lower, and gloried in its proximity, I didn't actually believe I'd get caught out by it. Me, what could possibly befall me? These photo's were taken when I stopped to put my gloves on the engine and warm up a bit. It got heavier and colder, I bent my head down and sang stupid songs. Thanks for that idea Tor! Mind you I think the motorists who were stopped, to take photo's, must have thought I was mad.

Without joking though, it was bitterly cold! No, I didn't get disheartened, which I felt real proud about. Over twelve years ago I decided this was one side of motorcycling I did not want to experience, I'd had enough. So here I am again, and it hasn't put me off. What is becoming a major effort is the lonely nights in hotel rooms, alone. And no, I don't want to go and trawl the local bars for company, I'd rather be a sad, lonely, old git thank you. The grief I can bear, well, better all the time. The thoughts of a future, without Cai I can't comprehend; can't even begin to get my head round it. Even getting far enough to write this opens up the void, one I can't face, one this trip will not sort out. At least that I feel sure about now, so if nothing else, it has already been a valuable lesson. I haven't been writing much about the tears, the pain, how often it comes, or how bad. Shit, you'd all be fed up by now and I'd have no readers. So you see, this has changed from this being all about me, to being something that is to share, with you all!

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