Thursday, 21 October 2010

Life in the fast lane!

Phew, what is there to say but ain't life hectic! Finally managing to get a new upper jaw full of individual, top quality crowns has put a smile back on my face. In fact many things have been putting a smile on my face, so who can argue with that? But in all honesty, I don't feel I've had time to fart at rest. Which is good, my natural state is full tilt, it's what I'm good at. I've barely had a week without having to go international, I include England in that equation, and trying to research publishers and/or agents to get my book printed and available. How cool is that? I've enjoyed it tremendously, and look forward to putting the finishing touches to it while in India. Actually writing, and the revelations whilst writing the book, I've accomplished more than I could have imagined. I feel a more evolved person due to the experience, it's given me clearer insights. It was a hell of a journey, inside and out, and is well worth writing about. (Photo: Out to conquer the world - Les and Cai, Tregarth, N. Wales)

I'm waiting on tenterhooks for my visa for India, so I can go for my three weeks horse safari. It doesn't look as if I'll actually get the visa in time for the flight. They only started dealing with it today, four days before I fly, with a weekend in between. Bummer! If these are the only trials and tribulations in life, bring it on! With a little bit of pressure in the right lace at least they dug my application out and started to process it. An initial phone call provided nothing but a, "call back next week sir". How frustrating to be held up and damned through no fault of your own. Hell and damnation, I went on a four hour round trip to Birmingham to hand deliver my visa application, they wouldn't take it because I was from Wales. I'm sure if they had a crossbow they would have shot me too! Are we really still that medieval? Happen as not, with a bit more research, it shouldn't have ended being a problem. There's maybe a lesson here to slow down a pace, catch up with myself. (Photo: Derry der horse - Tal y Foel, Anglesey)

I've been devoting a lot of my time learning to ride, daily lessons this week. It's a real hoot! I've ridden a few different horses, can trot and canter, in or out the saddle, without falling off. Hey, better than I managed on a bike! Though that's been loads of fun as well. It's all about balance and relaxing, for them both. At least with a horse you don't have to stick your leg down when you come to a stop. I've been lucky that so far the horses have been used to having novices on, that can be good and bad, they take advantage of you sometimes. They're nice animals, smart in a dumb sort of way, and proud, I can relate to them. I'm sure the instructors thought I was mad at first, likening riding a horse to riding a motorbike. Switching and swerving with your body to adapt to the movement between your thighs and hands. Look where you want to go, point in the right direction, it just happens smoothly and gracefully. Yeah, you could say I've been getting off on riding horses. To me it has phenomenal potential, what a shame it's so hard to combine the two! How the hell would you get a horse to tow a motorbike? More to the point, how do you transport a horse on a bike? (Photo: Penrhyn quarry, Bethesda, N.Wales)

The quagmire of agents and publishers is vast, few opportunities to raise interest, little chance of a literary breakthrough. Not that I care. For nothing I can get it made available, over the internet, but in paperback form. I think by going that path it might be burning my bridges for any possible publishing deals for bookshop deals. After all, it would be awesome to see a book I'd written for sale on the high street. And to clarify the point, yes, I am that vain! When it really comes down to it, the best reward was in the creation, despite the tragedy that overwhelmed the experience.

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