Thursday, 23 December 2010

Eclipsing the way forward

I’d love to begin by wishing everyone a very merry Christmas, I’d also love to extend my heartfelt happiness to you all at this special time of year. The trouble is I don’t have that happiness to extend. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in the depths of depression, but I am keeping the hell away from merry makers and their party antics, I do not feel like partying. It’s solace I seek at this time of year, it may well be found in the bottle, it may well be found in other intoxicants, but it is of course at festive times we miss our loved ones the most. And boy do I miss Cai. But hey, let’s not dwell on sadness and loss; let’s appreciate what we do have in life. After all, life goes on! (Photo: Checking for supplies - Kudlee Beach, Karnataka)

At present Ohm beach is undergoing a fairly fast turnover of tourists, some are rushing off for Christmas, others are arriving to settle in before. Not that it changes anything, some newfound friends go and other potential friends arrive. Perhaps I should put in more effort, be more sociable, to be honest I can’t really be bothered. Most of what’s going through my head is writing and next year’s forthcoming journey, and I’m getting bored of extolling my travelling adventure past and present. Of the past, they are all overshadowed by losing Cai, and the future, who knows what the future holds? None of us can know, the only certainty is that one day we die. It's up to us to make something of our time here. Each of us is responsible for the life we lead, for the deeds we do. Wouldn't it be nice if we all made them good deeds? (Photo: When the times are hard - Kudlee beach, Karnataka)

Weekends are busiest, with groups of Indians travelling from all over Karnataka to enjoy the beach here. How they enjoy it is a different matter! Sunday I caught a low-life with his hand in my rucksack, rooting around to try and find something to steal. I erupted, pushing and kicking him away, ever since I’ve regretted not beating the crap out of him. Maybe this has induced a melancholic mood, or should I say more of one. It made me so angry, still does whenever I dwell on it, which it shouldn’t, I know there are such scum in the world, I shouldn’t let them spoil my demeanour. I reported the incident to a police officer, but wouldn’t point out the actual culprit because I refused to go to the local town, Gokarna, and write a report. (Photo: Gokarna beach, Karnataka)

Anyway folks, Adieu. The time has come for me to sign off, please don’t send soppy Christmas wishes or your repeated condolences over Cai. The reason I ensure I’m away for Christmas is to escape all that, to deal with my head and heart myself. As nice as the sentiments are they hit hard and deep! Take care y’all! (Photo: Looks like we got ourselves a convoy - Kudlee beach, Karnataka)

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