Monday, 12 November 2007

Bye bye Baja

What better way to finish a nice chilled out time on the beach than to get completely plastered on the last day! Tequila and lashings of beer does the job nicely, a 300 mile ride tends to work it out the system too. I must be mad, whatever possessed me to get so faceless the day before leaving. I so wish I could blame the others I was with, unfortunately the tequila was my idea, my treat to the group. None of us could even remember getting back to our beach, miraculously the camera I left out for hours stayed put, and I'm sure Errol will find his teeth again.

It would have been easy to stay for another week, no effort what so ever, but I wouldn't achieve anything. My tan is topped up nicely, as I'm sure you can appreciate; in one of those rare photos of yours truly. I've put this in to show folks there is no permanent disfigurement from the mozzie bites, after people showed so much concern. Please put your worries aside, I am alive and well, fit and healthy.

I've really enjoyed watching the various birds along this stretch of coast, shame the best shots were missed. Isn't it amazing how the batteries always choose the worst time to run out. But here is a Pelican just hitting the water, rather than wings folded back falling from the sky. The osprey would have made another good photo, as would the dolphins. Actually the dolphins stood no chance of getting photographed, I was straight in the water, swimming out to them. But they were too busy eating fish to play with me, I didn't get nearer than ten metres or so.

The nicest thing at present is the ability to wash myself and some clothes. There were no showers on the beach, any water had to be fetched, that was purified and was not to be wasted on washing. The outcome of this was 10 days without soap contaminating my body, I wondered why I lost five shades of tan in the shower. So, I've succumbed to the luxury of a hotel again. I'm in La Paz, about to cross the sea of Cortez. My accommodation is the Hotel Yeneka, a lovely quirky hotel that is filled with all manner of weird and wonderful junk. I rode the bike up a few steps, through the entrance hall and into the courtyard. I was worried about wrecking the place, there are so many bits and pieces everywhere.

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