Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Dressed to thrill....

Only now does the time start to drag on, I'm not going to make predictions of when I can make a start again; that is in the hands of the Mexican god, servicio correo (postal services). He's a bit of a cantankerous old fart, doesn't like to be rushed and simply refuses to give any information about where he is, or likely to be at any given time. Despite being electronically tagged he vanishes for days, even weeks, at a time. With never the slightest chance of apology, or hint of his where abouts, he miraculously appears with gay aplomb.

Of course, there is also the slight concern about the knee, known in medical circles as a bit of a complicated little swine, which I can't discount having further problems with. Three days of relative rest and ice packs has taken the swelling away. I’ve left it strapped up, but I’ve had a few quite painful twinges if sideways pressure is exerted. This is the knee which gave me occasional problems anyway, of exactly this nature. I think it’s merely aggravated it, something I was once told by a specialist could be sorted by physio; in other words, appropriate exercise. It’s always possible to strap it up, ride sparingly, then gently exercise and rest in the evenings and night time. No, don’t send in your concerns, please! I am here to do a journey, I’m not going to live forever, and sometimes you have to take a few chances to achieve the things that matter to you. This journey matters to me, a lot; if I didn’t think I could manage on a weakened knee......Well I’d probably bloody try anyway! It’s not as if there will be any shortage of doctors, and hey, they all love an injured Gringo!

To pass the time away, I've taken to hiding around town and shooting innocent bystanders. Being stuck in a city, however nice a city, makes the people a very interesting factor. They really can make or break a destination, in La Paz (meaning Peace) they make it a reasonable place to stay. And that's a real compliment from me, I hate cities! But it is tranquilo aqui, pleasant to sit for a while and watch the world go by. A polite and cheery Hola, or Buenos Dias, is invariably greeted with a smile and reciprocal greeting. Though my command of Spanish is so bad they could be telling me to get stuffed, with a smile.

Went to the beach yesterday, courtesy of our resident artist, Carlos. We listened to a four piece classical set at an environmental conference, interesting; shame I couldn't understand the talks. Also a shame the governor didn't turn up to get slagged off, he's just sold off loads of public land to private developers. The land has an important ecological significance, there are rare wetlands and important habitats for many birds. No-one knows where the money has gone from the sale either. But that's Mexican politicians for you. He did actually turn up, more than two hours late! As we were on our way back, Carlos had stopped for some photos, a huge entourage of vehicles, ten or more, flew past on the way to Balandra, where the conference was. The place was already teeming with police and militia armed with fully automatics, it was incredible, he’s only a bloody regional governor! That's where I meet this tongue slurping, hairless dog.

My pleasure in these photo's of Cai is his own delight in dressing up, a pleasure I share with him, but unfortunately only shared in person a few times. It always brought a smile to my face, seeing him painted and groomed, digging out appropriate pieces of my own own clothes and happy snapping once complete. For this I must thank his college crowd, they brought out this aspect of him. One thing about the guy was the many different aspects to his life, he enjoyed so many things, and brought joy into so many lives.

This photo of an old indian woman, I passed her begging humbly on the street, is lovely. After giving her some money I asked to take her photo, she was delighted, the smile says it all. And the violent woman? Just a mother metering out justice to a kick happy brat! I was touched by the closeness of the young girl and her mother, a gentle touch of reassurance; so nice to see from child to parent. A pleasure I enjoyed myself, on many occasions! How I could envy that woman; but no, she has my blessing. A very lucky woman indeed!

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