Monday, 18 February 2008

Homeward bound, for better or worse...

I don't know about riots, but the demonstrations seem intimidating enough! Just being on the street while it goes by felt dodgey, probably not as risky as it felt though. Those on the edges of the crowd were scawling along the pavement, looking for what, I don't know. My camera stayed in it's bag, that much I can assure you. The Policia kept well away, apparently they shot someone a couple of days before; which is what lead to the first riot. Construction workers have been lobbing bricks and stuff off part constructed high rises, dodging the tear gas, enthusiastically provided by the Police.

A clip on the news showed police firing up at the buildings with automatic weapons, during the demonstration it was less foreboding weaponry they were toting. We are talking about a city where cops ride two up, machine gun carried on the back. So, I guess a ninja cop loitering on a street corner is nothing, really. Hey, our local traffic cops go around in flak jackets, side arms strapped on; Same type of people, where ever you go! Some people just need to intimidate, they need to be on a power trip! It's obvious we need protectors in our modern society, but why do we pick such knob heads to do the job?

Without the energy to do much, a couple of lazy days have been spent before leaving the city. It didn't stop me trying for a few photos around the streets. With a flight booked to LA, there was nothing else to do once the bike was picked up. Seeing the bike being driven away was a touch sad, my constant companion for many months. To think, I won't see it for another six weeks, poor thing. And I found out why it's been cutting out in the heavy rain, it only needs a very simple adjustment to a pipe coming off the carburetor. Brilliant, I wasn't looking forward to riding at home, much too much rain for the way it's been behaving.

Using a booking agent has made the paperwork for export easy, not quick, but easy! All I had to do was follow their car around the city, stopping at the appropriate offices; waiting for the necessary beaurocracy was the hard bit. When I lost my guide the fun could have started, instead I stopped and waited, they found me! No doubt about it, navigating around the city is the hard part, with a vehicle to follow it's a breeze! An initial visit to a any new city is awful, no idea where you are, where you want to be, or how to get there! My usual way is to find a place, that isn't too daunting, get off the bike and ask a few people. I guess you get a feel for such things, I've never really gone too far wrong that way.

Only in the most touristy of areas have I seen Panama hats for sale, and then with signs forbidding taking photos. I was stunned, they all displayed the same notice; it must be a common desire. What a great excuse for not bothering, they're not the type of hat I'd like wearing, it just isn't me! Each to their own though, and this guy is welcome to his own! In fairness though, it suits him and his style of dress so much more than it would me; Oh woe, I'm beside myself!! Maybe I should rush out and buy one after all!

But now I'm back in the reletive calm of Ojai, California. Ensconsed back into the bosom of Coyne family life, a welcome relief, albeit a cold one! The present climate is like a warm UK sping, nice and sunny during the day, frosty at night. However, the feeling of snuggling up into as pile of soft blankets is a welcome one. It ain't hot enough for exposing myself to those rays though, the tan will just have to fade from now on, can I bear being lilly white again? Strangely it isn't one of my prime concerns right now, there's something called life which needs my attention! Not so much the physical aspects, there's a whole host of opportunities there. I need to integrate life and emotions, hopefully in a positive, constructive manner. Since making the decision to return home I seem to have initiated a new wave of emotions. But I'm ready for it now, stronger, refreshed, more capable to think about a future.


Anonymous said...

i've always meant to leave a comment and never quite known what to say, but i'd like so say that i'm glad you celebrated his birthday, because i did too, in a way. I hear that you're planning to come home in a few weeks, it'll be nice to see you again. I've been reading your blog from time to time, sounds like an amazing journey! anyway just a note to say hello and that i'm still thinking of you.

Sara xXx

Gillian said...

i lost my sister and the feelings are still raw. i find it hard to talk about it but found it comforting knowing i am not alone. thank you