Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A new episode in my life

And so, at last, I've got my new blog site up and running (Two wheels and Prayer wheels - My Tibetan Odyssey), there's even a first post entered there. Please excuse the rather plain, boring presentation, it will be sorted as soon as Google solve the administration problems they have at present. It now feels odd to be signing off from this quite lengthy blog. I would never have imagined continuing for so long, but it's given me immense pleasure most of the time. For me it's been a lifeline, a release, a sounding ground and therapy. Not only has it given me pleasure, it's encourage me to put more effort into literary creativity. That in itself is almost like a new lease of life, it's given me more reason to get out there and explore life, so I can write about it and share my experience with others.

Probably the biggest change right now is deciding not to use my KLR650, with only 6 weeks before setting off I've gone and bought a BMW F650 GS DAKAR. I may have gone mad, but I don't think so. It may involve a hell of a lot more work in preparation, but I like to think the end result will be far fewer problems likely with my mode of transport. And of course I was going to have to strip a reasonable amount off it, just to see where everything is, how you disassemble it and what precise tools are needed. It's a steep learning curve, maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew. As departure approaches, I'm actually becoming calmer. Everything is in hand, and what isn't I have no control over, so I shouldn't worry about those aspects.

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