Thursday, 24 May 2012

Book release at last

At last, the official release of the long awaited book. It will be available to buy from 1st June 2012, !

ISBN: 978-0-9572645-0-2 

Cost: £9.99 + P&P

Book signing venues:

Bangor Public Library - Saturday 9th June, 9.30 - 13.00
Cafe Caban, Bryn Refail, Nr Llanberis - Sunday 10th June, 10.00 - 15.00
Blue Sky Cafe, High St, Bangor - Monday 11th June, 10.00 - 15.00

It will be available from any book supplier, so ordering can be done at your local bookstore or the large town centre chainstore. Of course by ordering it from a store you'll save P&P, but it will take a while for the order to go through. I'm urging people to buy it from the on-line distributor simply because I cover more of my costs this way. Having self published it's my own money invested in the book, and the retail suppliers take such a large cut of the cover price it can actually mean I lose money on every book sold through them. 

It was never my intention to be finalising the process of writing as I started my latest trip. Keeping clarity of mind on one event while trying to focus on another isn't really my forte, I'm a male, we're hopeless at multi-tasking. But I did manage it, while travelling I wrote the final section and liaised with the appropriate professionals. As my book got steadily closer to completion I continued increasing the distance on my overland journey from the UK into Asia. As so often happens things didn't exactly pan out the way I wanted. But I did manage to travel overland all the way to Sulawesi, Indonesia. Much of the journey was done by bike, but not the one I set off on. We parted company after crossing Europe the Russian steppes and the Gobi desert. But this story is told elsewhere: Two Wheels and Prayer Wheels - My Tibetan odyssey

Getting this book to the stage of it being in print is a major achievement for me, under the circumstances it's been an effort at times, but at every step of the way it's been progress in my own personal development. This isn't the sort of progress we can measure, and often it isn't even one we're consciously aware of. I won't call myself lucky to have found a means by which I could face the multitude of demons that arose through the events of 2007 & 2008, I've come to learn to feel proud of the way I dealt with it. For me I've gone full circle, relived every moment of that momentous experience, and rounded it off by publishing my first book about that profound journey. It was always meant to be my first attempt at writing a book, that's why we posed for the local press, made it into the Daily Post. It was meant to inspire people, to use our experience to bring excitement into the lives of others. How could I ever have imagined the outcome? If nothing else I'm told by everyone how inspirational my story is, I hope my writing does it credit as it is a story worth telling.

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