Friday, 21 December 2007

Utila - Island of peace and quiet!

Well folks, no fancy pictures to show this time! Purely because the PC I'm using doesn't have a USB port to use. I've made it to Utila in good time for christmas, and will be leaving first thing in the morning, for an even smaller island. Actually it's a small Cay just off the coast here, a small piece of paradise. I didn't know about it until I arrived and whilst there I will have no outside communication, so for me, that means a very quiet christmas. No phone calls, no skype calls, no links to the outside world at all.

Jewal Cay is surrounded by coral, with supposedly wonderful marine life; which I can dive or snorkel to my hearts content. Hey, it only costs $5 a night, though if it gets busy I may have to share a room. I think I can put up with that! I'm going to take five days or so diving, see how exciting I find it now. If I get time I will try and get back here before christmas itself and find another PC to update this properly. I hope you can all understand, I don't want to fill my christmas with constant reminders of being seperated from all those I love; or that I've lost. This is getting harder the closer it gets, this is my way of dealng with it. Selfish or not, I think I need this, so bugger it, it's what I'm doing!

For all those I hoped to be in contact with, sorry! If you care for me you will feel me with you, in mind and spirit; just as Cai is with me! I can't face the pain of facing you, or talking to you. This part of it is my pain, my grief; please don't hold it against me for wanting to face it alone! I'm where I wanted to be, and Cai will be very much with me too!


I'll be in touch before or shortly after, for a more normal communication.

Hasta Luego, Amigos


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