Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pain lets you know you're still alive!

How do you measure the passage of time? What new things you buy, how much deeper into debt you get, how far you are from losing it all? Maybe, if you're lucky,how much money you've made; more likely, how much better you feel, how much more mobile you are, how few tears you've shed! But hey, who-ever said life was easy? Not fuckin' me mate! But does that mean it's not worth living? Only if you've no value in your own life, in your own acheivemnts, in your own pleasure! AND YOU BLOODY WELL SHOULD HAVE!

Alright, let me explain a wee bit here. In the light of a our current, global, economic crisis, we should all be worried about the disintegration of our competant capitalist system. Shocked and horrified that our precious bricks and mortar may not actually make us the richest people on this planet. Poor misguided fools that we are! But is it really that important? Couldn't we just hang on in there, maybe plant some veg to ease our food bill, live within our means? Wow, what a novel idea! But hang on, what about the rich twat who screws it all up? Don't worry about him, the government will sort him out. Probably give him a nice fat pension too! EXCUSE ME, where's my friggin' safety net? Of course I forgot, I'm not in the privileged class, I'm scum, it doesn't really matter if I cop out!

Honestly, it does my head in! What sane person would want to associate themselves with the complete f**k up the world's ruling party are making of things? Who's interest is it in anyway? Only their's! Consider yourselves well and truly shafted folks. But don't worry, they'll print a bit more money so you can kid yourself you're not brasic! Don't worry, the government will save you; though you may end up paying for it for the next three generations. And we actually give these people our support, put that way, who are the stupid ones?

As I wander around my house like a caged lion, I wanna rip someone's head off! I'd love to assasinate the whole ruling class, and every member of the constabulary who believes they're doing it for our own goods. But of course, that might get me into trouble! The authorities might see me as a danger to the public, never suspecting that it was, actually, in the public interest! But on a serious level, I'd love a legitimate target for my anger. And the government make it so easy to assume that position, their actions are deplorable, but it isn't really them my anger is centred on. They just deserve it so much! No, my anger is over my loss, and is focussed on anything breakable, as I feel it.

Anger and grief are so closely interlinked, more often than not anger acting as protector, to the more precarious emotion! Isn't the human mind a gloriouos organ? The depths it will go to preserve itself, the illusions it will weave to ensure a feeling of sanity. But like beauty, sanity is on the eyes of the beholder! Now where do you stand? If normality, in our society, is considered sane; stop the world, I wanna get off!

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