Sunday, 15 July 2007

Overwhelmed by support

Tragedy seems to bring out the best of people in many ways. Splintered social groups pull together; people who haven’t really associated for some time can be seen together, sharing in their grief and their efforts to help those most effected. For me this was appreciated so much; a furnished house to come home to instead of the deserted and empty shell I left it as. Even plants have been reinstated to their former positions, shame I’ve got to water them again! But I have food for sustenance and a steady flow of friends bringing comfort and support. Its so nice to share time with Cai’s friends as well, such a nice bunch! It makes a change to meet youths that aren’t ignorant little shites. Yet another sign of Cai’s character, having good quality friends.

Cai’s body is in the funeral home over by Gabe’s. They’ve been to see it, I haven’t yet. I don’t know what to do! I said my goodbyes in the hospital when he died; I really don’t know if I need to see a waxen figure laying in a box. I have so many wonderful memories of my life with him maybe that should be enough, only his face and hands are visible anyway. Jeez, I didn’t mean for it to become an issue. I didn’t even consider seeing the body again, “ been there, done that…….” Oh well, at least this time it won’t leave me stinking of hospital disinfectant for days after.

The service (a tribute) is to be held at Bangor Crematorium 12.30 pm Wednesday 18th July. It’ll be nice to see support there from all Cai’s friends, afterwards there will be a Wake at Hendre Hall, Tal y Bont. If you’d like to share some time celebrating Cai’s all too short life join us there. I’m sure there’ll be tears aplenty but we hope to treat it as a celebration not a gloomy, depressing affair. There’ll be many others to share memories of Cai with.

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Anonymous said...

iOverwhelmed by your strength.
Empathetic to your loss. Thoughts will be with you