Friday, 6 July 2007

The world comes tumbling down!!

Oh, how I'd love to tell you about the wonderful purchase of our bikes. What a joy it was to finally decide and buy two brand new Kawasaki KLR650's. We viewed the bikes last Saturday (30th June2007) and were so impressed by them we went for it, even though they were $1000 more each than I'd budgeted for. They deal was worth it and we were over the moon, only $9300 for both; thats cheaper than one new in the UK. There was a black and a red one, despite insisting I'd have first choice on bikes I allowed Cai his pick and he went for the Red one. Oh why, just why didn't I stick to my guns and have my first choice, which was the Red!!

Riding down the Interstate 55 we were headed for the Pacific coast highway, which was our first planned route. Both of us were so looking forward to it. As the bikes were we had to deep the revs down to 4000 rpm for 500 miles, which means about 60 mph. The ride was going well, we took turns leading and stayed together, rarely being out of sight at all. We were separated by other vehicles pulling in between us but that was no concern. My attention was diverted by a van driving worrying close behind me, by the time that situation was over I checked for Cai and there was no sight of him. I reduced my speed and waited, but still no sign, so I pulled over to the hard shoulder. Another driver also pulled over and told me there'd been an accident, Cai was hurt but alright! I sped back up the hard shoulder to the scene to find Cai being cared for by other motorists with experience in such first aid.

Cai just wanted me there to hold him and hug him, he was in a lot of pain but wanted me to know what had happened. As he pulled over to another lane his engine lost power, the next thing he know a large freight truck plowed into him.

As we waited for the emergency services he was having problems staying conscious. When they took him to the hospital I was left to ride my own bike there, where I was denied access to see him and given a sheaf of paperwork to sign. After about four hours of surgery and resuscitation they couldn't restart his heart.

I expect to get his body back home by the beginning of next week where we'll have a service and wake for the multitudes of friends and family who Cai meant so much to. Just this morning I have found out his grades from his International Baccaluareate were excetional, top of his class and plenty for him to be able to study medicine. He was so keen on using his life to help others, to have an positive effect on our imperfect world.

I will forever treasure the all too short time Cai had alive, he was the dearest friend and the most wonderful person I've ever known. He was my life!!


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Cai. I was really impressed with your ambition to ride round the americas. What a positive approach to life and what a fantastic thing to teach your son. I only met you both once but I really feel for you, as I'm sure everyone does.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of these tragic events. Cai was my half brother that I never really had the opportunity to get to know as well as I would have liked to, however what I did know of him was an extremely bright, caring, thoughtful boy with so much to offer. I will always remember Cai as the intelligent, kind and loving person he was and feel privilaged to know him for the short time I did.

Love Renae