Wednesday, 2 January 2008

A new year, let's hope it can be a happier one

It would be wrong of me to call our celebration a non-event, we had fun, we played and drank. I done my damnedest to create havoc with my fire breathing, but the dive store simpley refused to ignite! Yet again we went out for a midnight snorkel, the phospherescence wasn't as spectacular as it had been previously, but still nice. Unlike Christmas, my mind was full of thoughts and memories of Cai. I feel fairly low after this, lost a lot of motivation. Maybe that is more down to the amount of alcohol drank, though last night was very limited. I missed not having everyone at home around, much more so than at Christmas. But I would be most unfair, to those I spent my new year with, to detract from our enjoyment. They were all lovely people, great company, and it is failure on my behalf to come out festivities feeling on a low ebb.

My time on Jewel Cay is over, I've done nearly a dozen dives, had my perfect Christmas of sun and seclusion; so now I must face my world again. I didn't want to start the mew year winging about things, so I bit my tongue and didn't make any points about my dives. The divemasters and other folk at Captain Morgan's have been great, it's a shame the dive sites were always picked with the new trainees in mind. It meant there was a lot of repetition for me, and no chance of diving to the extent of my qualifications and experience. This was frustrating, I think the organisation certainly favoured the new punters, even though they earned more from me than a new trainee. I didn't receive free accomadation either, so if coming over this way check up what deals you can get. Ensure the dive centre will cater to your needs, get you diving the sites and the level you want; not just fitted into everyone elses routine.

Now I again play a waiting game, for more bits, I hope it won't be very long. But the things we have no control over are the most frustrating, if you allow them to be. By getting this delivery sent ahead of me it's supposed to be less hassle, who knows, postal services leave a lot to be desired where ever you happen to be. Between Latin America and the US this problem seems wildly exagerated, and it's a problem from the US end. I swear if there is anything else of importance I need delivered, I will fly back to the states and fetch it in person.

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